Criminal Defense Attorney in Bastrop, TX

The Anderson & Anderson Law Firm is the go-to team for your criminal defense needs. Rather than just showing up for a hearing, as is so common with basic defense, Anderson & Anderson’s attorneys handle a case in person from the very beginning and investigation all the way through a criminal appeal if necessary. Our attorneys are well established and familiar figures in the Bastrop County judicial system, including local prosecution offices, law enforcement and the local courts.

The Most Qualified Attorneys for your Criminal Drug Charge

When it comes to professional performance, it is easy for a firm to market and advertise that it may be the best criminal defense team. However, in Bastrop County, the Anderson & Anderson Law Firm prove their exemplary skill level with every criminal case they take on. For example, Kathleen Anderson is Board certified in criminal law by the Texas State Bar, the state licensing agency for attorneys in Texas. This is not an easily-gained title; Board certification involves extensive work, application, years of practice, trial and litigation experience, and both judicial and industry peer reviews. Then, the applicant must prove her professional skill in an additional six-hour exam, which is above and beyond what is already necessary just to practice law and be licensed in the State of Texas. Thus, it is no surprise that only a small percentage of attorneys in Texas can claim they are Board certified, and Kathleen Anderson is one of them.

What are my Chances of Conviction?

If you or someone you know finds themselves in a situation where criminal defense representation is needed right away in the Bastrop County area, then Anderson & Anderson is the law firm to call. There are plenty of criminal defense law offices and attorneys in your Google search, but that does not mean they can handle a case well. With Anderson & Anderson, a consultation team can be set up immediately upon contact, working immediately towards the most positive resolution possible in your case. Criminal charges should not be taken lightly; often times the first arrest reason is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a common practice in justice system cases to pile on charges where possible once a person has been detained, to increase the chances of a conviction. Clients facing criminal charges need to have serious, experienced attorneys on their side who will protect their rights, freedom, record and due process protections.

The Attorneys at Anderson & Anderson Law Firm will Defend your Innocence

Do not attempt to navigate the justice system alone. Anderson & Anderson can provide you the guidance, representation and experience so many who are charged do not receive—and end up suffering far more than they need to. Regardless of what is said or stated by officials, the justice system is not on the side of the defendant. If charges are brought against an individual, there is already an incentive to complete the case on the side of the government. A criminal defense case has already been decided upon by the prosecution, and law enforcement has staked their name to the case as a good one to pursue. They are unlikely to volunteer the information that a mistake may have been made along the way. Anderson & Anderson is dedicated to ensuring the power of the government is not abused at the expense of your due process rights under the Constitution. Given everything that's at stake, a nonchalant attitude in terms of representation is to take one's life in his or her own hands.

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