Domestic Violence Lawyer in Bastrop, TX

In the state of Texas, including the Bastrop County area, domestic violence is treated as a very serious matter and criminal charge. Under state law, domestic violence involves any kind of action from one family member to another or partners dating or in a relationship where the intent is to harm the other or threaten some kind of harm. It seems like a convoluted rule, but in reality the law is extremely broad and very powerful in its application. Texas law enforcement has been trained and directed to address any signs of domestic violence with immediate action, even if it means arrest. And where there is sufficient evidence, which under state law doesn't take much to meet, domestic violence charges are levied quickly and seriously. The ramifications are huge for the person charged; the crime definition is a felony and the penalties can be powerful and restrictive. The penalties can and usually do include:

  • Up to a year in county jail.
  • A monetary fine that, at the discretion of the court, can be as much as $4,000.
  • Anger management and counseling classes that must be attended.
  • Probation and repeat monitoring meetings with a probation officer.

The problems after an arrest and arraignment don't stop with the above after a conviction. Domestic violence is a bit of a Scarlet Letter in today's society. One's career can be impacted negatively if the workplace hears about it. And they likely will if the person charged ends up spending some time in jail. Most employers will terminate a convicted employee immediately under the easy excuse of him being absent without leave (AWOL). Additionally, depending on the case details, child protection agencies can get involved and impose monitoring and counseling if children were at risk of being harmed. Keep in mind, this isn't restricted to physical harm. Children being hurt or in a risky environment can be determined by what they see and hear as much as what happens to them physically.

Convictions can be damaging prospectively as well. Anyone trying to get hired for a new job or obtain an apartment could run into hassles and challenges. Background checks often bring up a person's criminal record, and both employers as well landlords shy away from candidates with marks on their reports. In addition, professionals like doctors and accountants can lose their license to practice for unprofessional behavior proven by a conviction. Finally, various rights can be lost as well, such as the right to own and have a firearm for one's protection or sport.

Given all the above ramifications, anyone not taking a domestic violence charge seriously is setting himself or herself up for serious ramifications. A criminal law defense like the one offered by Anderson & Anderson Law Firm is critical in order to have any chance of minimizing a situation from a big disaster to a manageable misdemeanor or perhaps even a dismissal if there were mistakes altogether in arrest. Finding the best domestic violence attorney in Bastrop will be a small group of legal advocates. Just because someone is a lawyer doesn't mean that he or she is a competent violent crime attorney. The Anderson & Anderson Law firm can provide a case a top quality violent crime lawyer protection because their attorneys have some of the most experience and in-depth knowledge criminal law. So if you or someone you know needs a domestic violence lawyer, give Anderson & Anderson a call or email right away.

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