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Anderson & Anderson has been concentrating in the family law arena in Bastrop, Texas for years. Through our decades of combined experience, we have dealt with all types of family law cases including divorces and child custody battles. Our experienced attorneys understand that all family law matters are important and require much care and sensitivity. With training and board certification in both family law and advanced mediation, our family law firm is warm, comfortable and sincere.

When it comes to your family and your future, you need to find representation capable of realizing your legitimate aims in the manner best suited to your relationships and circumstances. For this valuable and vital service, you need to look no further than Anderson & Anderson.

Outstanding Divorce Attorneys in Bastrop Texas

Divorces are inherently messy and complicated, especially when it comes to the law. Such things as filing for a divorce, filing separation agreements and determining child custody, child support or alimony are always challenging and detailed tasks. The exact procedure differs depending on the nature of each relationship, and an experienced family law attorney is necessary to ensure the best actions and outcomes at every stage of the process. Divorces in Bastrop County and Texas, in general, do not need to be the result of fault by either spouse and can be filed by agreement or alone.

Non-contested divorces are possible where no children or shared assets are involved, but most divorces involve the more complicated elements of a contested dissolution of marriage. With decades of experience, our family law attorneys at Anderson & Anderson have advised and represented clients of all kinds through every stage of the divorce process. From amicable and uncontested divorces to unpleasant divorces involving hostility over every point of property division and child custody rights, our family law firm will help you to aim for and to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys in Bastrop Texas

Child custody agreements in Bastrop can be made informally where both parents agree to all the terms, usually following negotiation or mediation, or can be determined by a court hearing and orders. Joint custody may be given to both parents, one may be named as the primary guardian and custodial parent, or sole custody may be awarded to one of them with or without visiting rights for the other. The factors taken into account by a court in deciding child custody battles are many and multifaceted, and even in an agreement reached outside of court, the terms and conditions must each be dissected, considered and prioritized. Negotiations must be conducted carefully to find the outcomes in the best interests of both parents and children without straining future relationships any more than necessary.

At Anderson & Anderson, our specialized family law attorneys are well-practiced in adapting the principles of law, mediation and negotiation to suit every unique case put before us. Every family, every parent and every child have different needs and priorities, but every child custody agreement must be accepted as legally binding. You cannot afford to settle terms without consulting knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, and we are ready to work with you to achieve the best outcomes possible for your particular situation.

The lawyers at Anderson & Anderson serve clients in Bastrop and surrounding areas.

Our family law attorneys are just like our beautiful Victorian-style office - homely, warm and open to all. No matter the nature or severity of the family law problems you are facing, our law firm is ready to assist. We can offer you exceptional legal representation and the benefit of decades of experience in divorce, child custody and more.

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