Divorce Laws in Texas

When it comes to legal considerations, the divorce process can be just as complex and difficult to navigate as the interpersonal and emotional obstacles. There is no one-size-fits-all approach because the legal procedure can differ greatly depending on the relationship between spouses and the details of their shared children, property and assets. No matter how simple or how amicable a divorce may seem, the laws of divorce in Texas can complicate things, so it is essential to consult an experienced family law attorney. Our divorce lawyers at Anderson & Anderson have the knowledge and background necessary to lay out every possible option for you and to chart your best course through the legal steps of divorce. We are ready to create and adapt strategies around your priorities and circumstances to make the divorce process fit you rather than the other way around.

Filing for divorce in Bastrop: What is involved?

There are no set rules or regulations for a divorce in Texas, so a 'no fault' divorce is easy to obtain without placing blame on the other spouse. This is known as insupportability. However, a divorce can also be filed on the grounds of cruelty, adultery, conviction of a felony, abandonment or legal separation. However, there are some general guidelines to follow before filing for divorce. First, you have to have lived in Texas for at least six months - 3 of which should be in the county you petition your divorce. Additionally, you can only request alimony under certain circumstances including the marriage lasting at least ten years.

How does the divorce process work in Bastrop?

There are two ways that one can file for a divorce, but this would depend on your current situation and your relationship with your spouse.

  • An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree to end the marriage on equal terms. This is usually the ideal choice for spouses who share no children or assets together. If the conditions of the divorce are agreed upon by both parties, then the process is streamlined quickly. After a 61 day period, the divorce is finalized through a court hearing.
  • Contested dissolution of marriage is usually the next step if there are disagreements between both parties. First, one of the spouses must request any temporary restraining orders that will prevent the other from tampering with shared property and file a petition for divorce. Once the application is received, the other spouse must submit a response and then both parties should provide supporting documents dealing with children, assets, property, etc.

At this time, divorce mediation would need to be completed, and if for any reason, neither party can agree, then the case would be taken to family court.

Finding a divorce attorney in Bastrop, Texas

No one divorce is the same in regards to cooperation between spouses, and if children or assets are involved. If you need a divorce,  acquiring an experienced family law lawyer should be your priority. Our family law attorneys at Anderson & Anderson are skilled in the divorce process and can streamline the process for you step by step. Kathleen Anderson is board certified in family law with years of experience dealing with family court trials and dispute resolution. She is also certified in advanced family law mediation and is more than capable of handling even the most challenging of divorce cases.

The lawyers at Anderson & Anderson serve clients in Bastrop and surrounding areas.

How you handle your divorce can impact your future if you don't take the necessary steps in acquiring the best legal representation. Our family law firm can help guide you through the divorce process including filing the necessary paperwork, handling mediation, and, if it comes to it, represent you in family court. We will provide you with exceptional legal representation with compassion and skill.

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