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Is a speeding ticket just a speeding ticket? And aren't traffic violations just a paperwork issue once one gets pulled over by a traffic cop? When it comes to a traffic violation for speeding, the impact can be a lot more dire than a simple criminal matter . Not only does the ticket itself cost a person money and time, either to simply deal with it by mail or come to court to contest it, the ramifications add up as well. There are expensive costs associated with increasing insurance expenses, administrative charges from the court or processing, and a perpetual blemish on one's driving record. A first-time ticket might seem like an innocent mistake that can be easily remedied, however, when the speeding ticket is one's third or fourth traffic offense, things start to get problematic.

How "Paperwork" can become a Tedious Process

Do nothing and the traffic court as well as the Texas Motor Vehicle Department personnel will do everything to prosecute according to the fullest extent of the law under the Texas State Statutes—which allows for the application of inconvenient penalties and the collection of exorbitant fine revenue. Car insurance companies never hesitate to collect more to offset their risk if a driver does not attempt to contest their traffic violations. However, if a defendant driver wants to aggressively fight a speeding ticket that was given in error, was unfairly allotted, or should be less than stated on the paperwork, a driver is going to need a qualified traffic court attorney who knows what he or she is doing. Fighting a ticket is as much about the procedural side of things as it is arriving at the hearing to convince a judge one’s case should be handled otherwise.

What Constitutes a Good Defense?

A good legal defense for a speeding ticket or traffic violation starts with research. Experienced attorneys with meticulous work habits will physically go to the scene after hearing all of the facts of the case, and walk or drive the location where the violation occurred. They will look at the condition of the lighting, directions, obscured traffic signs, the direction in which the lanes change traffic direction, and countless additional situational factors that could come into play. All of these things can provide valuable detail for a legal defense versus just arguing in court with a traffic officer about what happened in a “your word versus theirs” scenario. And, there are plenty of ways that a missing traffic sign alone can impact one's vehicle speed, regardless of what the local law may be. Because the attorneys at Anderson & Anderson are well versed in the traffic court arena, and are capable of handling traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and the like—we know how to prepare the details of your case for the judge. Not every attorney can deal with a traffic violation case, even if they claim to be able because they are a certified attorney.

Get the Right Help from the Start

Anderson & Anderson Law Firm has been handling criminal defense for traffic violations and speeding tickets for years. Even while they seem administrative in nature, speeding violations are in fact a criminal violation and treated accordingly by the justice system. Ignore them, and one could realize a bench warrant in his name very quickly. Save time and frustration: call Anderson & Anderson and start the mitigation process immediately.

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