Drug Offense Attorney in Bastrop, TX

Drug offenses and charges associated with them have captured many in drug eradication nets, regardless of whether they have actually been involved in criminal activity or not. And in many jurisdictions, the ramifications have involved far more than just a penalty for having a drug on one's person. Whom a person was with, whether they were driving, the amount of illegal material allegedly found, and even the amount of cash one is carrying at the time of arrest can all become factors in how serious a charge can be. Left alone to the justice system, a person charged with a drug possession can easily find him or herself being charged with having the illegal substance on one’s person in the first place, dealing and selling, transportation of an illegal narcotic and other enhanced penalties very quickly.

Defense is Required, Quality is Not

Under the Constitution, which applies to state and federal criminal charges, everyone charged with a crime is required to have a criminal defense. It is part of the fair trial concept and an acknowledgment that the government has plenty of resources but the average person has access to limited support at best. But that does not mean that the legal defense provided will be of top quality—or even mediocre. All that must be ensured is that the bare minimum will be met in terms of legal representation provided to ensure due process. This is the fundamental problem with today's justice system and the reason why, in reality, most people who become entangled in the justice process believe it is a lose-lose system—with no such thing as a fair trial at all.

Many Attorneys, Few with Applied Know-How

There are plenty of criminal defense attorneys who will immediately agree if asked that they have sufficient skills to function as a drug offense lawyer in courts. In fact, what often happens is that the given attorney is really a generalist with a limited amount of knowledge about different legal arenas. While this approach is technically sufficient in order to legally practice law—or at least enough to pass a state bar exam—it definitely does not imply that the given attorney is competent and capable to mitigate your criminal drug offense. The attorneys at our law firm are specialists when it comes to the laws and statures governing criminal drug charges and therefore are the most capable to defend your case.

Subtle Facts About the Criminal Process

Many different factors within the justice process have an impact on whether someone charged with a crime actually goes to trial and receives a conviction. Not everyone arrested will be charged. This is due to the evidence stipulations which govern what makes a case viable. Thus, not everyone charged will actually make it to trial. Again, various procedural hearings can dismiss a case, such as an improper reading of rights. Among those who do make it to trial, not everyone will be found guilty. Many cases are settled by plea bargain before or during trial. A defendant’s charges may even be reduced according to the plea bargain one accepts. Ultimately, there are multiple options one faces when presented with criminal drug charges—even in the case of a conviction, one has different choices and opportunities. However, one thing is clear—a defendant in such a case requires an excellent attorney in order attain such favorable results.

Choose the Right Legal Advocate for Your Case

For a quality criminal defense by lawyers who have breadth of experience in dealing with drug charges and related offenses under Texas or federal law, call the Anderson & Anderson Law Firm. Our staff is well-trained in all aspects of a criminal law drug offense case, from the procedural steps and motions available to how to argue the merits of case if it goes to trial. So if you or someone you know needs a drug crime attorney in Bastrop County, do not just flip through the cyber phone book and hope you find an excellent criminal defense lawyer. Instead, go with a law firm that knows what they are doing; your freedom relies upon it.

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