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Divorce mediation is a meeting between divorcing spouses at which a neutral person called the mediator moderates the discussion and assists both sides in negotiating terms of divorce that they are willing to accept.  It is considered preferable to settling a divorce in court because the outcome is determined by the parties rather than by a judge and their direct involvement makes satisfying their priorities more important than arguing. It is also cheaper, quicker and less unpredictable than going to trial and is more likely to end amicably. Our family law attorneys at Anderson & Anderson are trained and certified in mediation, qualifying them to offer their superior professional services as mediators. They can also advise you on the pros and cons of divorce mediation and the various options considered during mediation.

Should I get divorce mediation in Texas?

In a contested divorce, most judges will expect a reasonable attempt at mediation to be made before the parties come to court. In some counties and under some circumstances, the divorce mediation is mandatory before a court date can be set. In an uncontested divorce, the terms of the divorce are less complex and are established by the spouses, but they must nonetheless be agreeable to both sides. Because the uncontested divorce process is cheaper and quicker, it is not uncommon to undergo divorce mediation to settle the details of the divorce, which can then be filed as uncontested.

What is divorce mediation, exactly?

Divorce mediation involves both spouses agreeing on various details regarding their divorce. The mediator will typically alternate between individual meetings with each spouse and their attorneys without the other being present and will also hold open meetings that involve both spouses being present. The mediator will relay information and suggestions between the parties so that they can better comprise on each issue. The best divorce mediators are trained both in mediation practices and in family law giving them both the knowledge and the skill to direct the negotiations and discuss the consequences of the options proposed during mediation.

They will work with both spouses to find out which issues are most important to them and offer creative solutions that can give everybody a large part of what they want to achieve in the divorce. Mediation can take a long time, sometimes lasting days because working through emotions is challenging and, depending on the couple, other aspects of divorce could be involved – child custody, child support, division of assets and property, and alimony. Importantly, conversations conducted during mediation cannot be used in the trial if the divorce ends up before a court.

Do I need divorce mediation in Bastrop?

Your need for mediation will depend on your current relationship with your spouse and if you have children and assets between the two of you. Each divorce is different; however, mediation should be a first option if there are disagreements. If you are facing a divorce, your first step is to consult with a divorce lawyer who can advise you on what to do next. The family law attorneys at Anderson & Anderson have years of experience handling divorce cases and are skilled in divorce mediation.

The lawyers at Anderson & Anderson serve clients in Bastrop and surrounding areas.

In the event of a divorce, you can't settle for less and risk the turmoil that it can cause on children and property. No matter your circumstances and priorities, our family law firm and our mediators can help you to find the best solutions available, exploring creative options that will make your divorce as amicable as possible.

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